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 Lord Draco Dikarii.

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PostSubject: Lord Draco Dikarii.   Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:57 pm

Name- Draco Dikarii.
Rank- Lord of Mordor.
Age- Unknown.

Present Specific Traits:

-Chaotic Evil

-Draco is Blue Skinned,
-He's about 6'5 Height-wise.
-He's Usually Hooded, While wearing black robes over a black chain mail plate.
-He has Black Boots, and Black Plated Legs.
-He has a belt with two hand carved daggers on each side.
-Along with a Giant Broad Sword, on his back.
-He sometimes carries a crossbow.
-He has a knife for skinning.
[I'll work on this a little later also.]

Draco, was brought up, only by his father Dracus Dikarii. Dracus was a former Human who grew up in Isengard, One day when they were out in the fields of isengard, and elf came along and was possessed by something dark, Niether Dracus or Son Draco, knew what to expect from this elf, therefore the elf shot dracus and then put him into a bag, while carrying him off into the forest. Draco went after them for a few miles but eventually came to a hault, He found his father being ripped apart by a Elven group, he couldnt do anything about it but watch his father literally being tortured and the screams haunted him forever. after that moment he hated the elves, he would do anything to get revenge on them, the Loyal Men of Isengard told Draco to stay home and not go out.

But draco wouldnt listen he went off into the woods alone, with only a dagger that his father made for him (He still carries that dagger today). He spent a few years alone while growing up through his teenage years, but alone, it made him a bit mad, before he knew it, he was afraid to come in contact with anyone. He came across the Black Gate, one night and just stopped there looking up at in, but before he knew it an orc came out of no where and started slashing apart his skin, draco didnt know how to fight so well so he struggled. Luckily there was a hooded man outside of that very same gate, he tore that orc to shreads and then helped the boy up. That man was no other then The Dark lord, himself. The Lord sensed anger throughout this boy and liked it, he took the boy and gave him a own.

Throughout the years Draco learned about the dark arts, and about weapons, he trained with the Orcs, still with those Elves on his mind. He led a few raid groups on the Close citys, Such as "The White City" and was pretty successfull, He eventually was called "Lord" after proving himself to do well in these raids. He's now one of the Lords of Mordor and still seeking revenge against anyone who comes in his path, and those Elves.


-Duel Daggers. "His father gave him these."
-Large Broad Sword.
-Crossbow, with a bag of bolts.
-An Obsidian Staff.
-Large Obsidian Shield.
-Spiked Gauntlets.

Not exactly Done.

Fighting Appearance;

Hooded Appearance;

Name- Draco Dikarii.
Rank- Lord of Mordor
Age- Unknown.
-Blue Skinned.
-Grey/Black Robes.
-Hooded at times.
-Duel Daggers attatched to his belt.
-Large Staff.
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Draco Dikarii.   Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:08 pm

Great Bio,
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Lord Draco Dikarii.
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