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 Zen Kaji

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PostSubject: Zen Kaji   Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:56 pm

-Name: Zen Kaji
-Race: Former Rivendell Elf.
-Rank: Isengard Archer
Well My body seems to be of normal Height and weight, And my head is covered with a Helmet, of Isengard. My body is covered with lightly armoured robings, like light plate mail, and leggings. The plate mail and such is usually Hidden By the dark robings covering it. On my back I ahve a Medium Sized shield, With Isengard's Crest On it, in my robings is a crossbow that is kept well hidden at my waist, I have a visble side bolt holder, like a small little pack that has some blts in it that hangs on teh right side of my waist. on my leg there is a hidden dagger, as well as a lock pick. My Appearnce is Sort of Haunting, With My pale skin, And jet Black hair. He tries to keep his Elven Ears hidden from others.


Shield of Isengard
Packs of Bolts
Small dagger
Canteen and etc. (enough to live in the woods)
Poison, used to dip my bolts in.
small braces of chains around my belt, that can link with the dagger

-Despises everyone besides those he belived needs repsect.
-Despises his own Race


I was Born an orphan, As an elf I aquired small Quivers and Arrows and such to defend myself. I mostly lived among the Woods, And sustained msyelf, since no one else will, Being all Alone I began to realise Philosphy And was able to think. Training myself in the woods With the uses of bow And Blade, I was able to get stronger and stronger. I kept myself barely Alive, Hunting down Wolves, And eating berries as I could Find. There was no Hope for me, No place to go. I had no purpose to live Any longer, At the age of Six I was Hunting on a large group of wolves, when i tripped in the forest, they chased me and eventually was bit by one. I would have been dead. Untill large burst of bolts rammed into each f the wolves skulls, as they lopped to the ground. The isengard Archers Saved my life, as in that age did nt know much about the outside world only the small patch of clearing where i practuced, and the hunting grounds.. Then on I decided to stay with that group. and for while they forgot i was an Elf. Their enemy.

As I began to learn the ways to become one of them, I grew to strong too fast.
The rest started to belive I was somesort of spy Sent by Rivendal, They eagerly ambushed me form behind in the forest. The result. Was their Defeat. They surrounded me From all corners of my eye, I Spinned out my cross bow and shot a bolt down the center to a standing isengard foot soldier, as it hit him square in the chest he fell to teh ground dead. as the otehrs began to fire widly, Fortunaltely iw as able to move away and managed to only get shot at my thigh. I then Shot multiple bolts down the tree way, and the posioned bolts rammed into the hands of the archer, he was no longer able to fire back at me, and soon collapsed. There was about five left, When i drew the small dagger on my leg, I began parrying there attacks of the blade since they were unskilled in it, i striked across one mans neck, ad he seemed to choke into the gorund dead. At the end of the battle, I had become victourius with Wounds on my body. After that I felt Like if I was betrayed, and stabbed in the back Literally. I realised that the Isengard are ignorant. Except for the Dark wizard whpo Commanded us. He was the Only person, That allowed me to go on, Giveing no Respect to anyone else. And Never trusting my Comrades.I grew up feeling hate towwards my own race for Abandoning me, and not giving me the love I needed as a Child.
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Zen Kaji
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