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 Abyssus Irethius, The Blood Elf.

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PostSubject: Abyssus Irethius, The Blood Elf.   Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:57 pm

+-- Habbo ID: The-Forgotten.

+-- IC Name: Abyssus Irethius
- Age: N/A [ Looks 18 - Early 20's ]
- Height: 6'4
- Weight: 130lbs
- Ranking: None
- Status: Assassin.

- Apperance:


- History:
Abyssus was born as a young Elf he has many virtues of his race, but what is most odd about him is his large horns, Abyssus was a outcast in his race so he ran away from his village and was almost killed by doing so. Abyssus was then turned into a 'Corrupt Elf' or a Blood Elf, they are given this name for there new found lust for blood because of them turning into the darkened side. Abyssus has wandered the lands for many years untill he met Lord Draco soon after he killed the King Of Rohan. Abyssus currently works for Lord Draco, and may oftenly be seen wandering around him.

+-- Other Information;
Abyssus is currently the Disciple of Lord Draco, and is currently his apprentice.
He currently is his follower and assassin aswell.

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Abyssus Irethius, The Blood Elf.
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