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 Hamkai Masia

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PostSubject: Hamkai Masia   Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:38 pm

Name:Hamkai Masia

Race:Isengard Uruk-Hai/Swordsman

Appearance:Hamkai has heavy dark amour and a Heavy Dark Helmet on his head with dark skin he has a Long thick Black sword on his back

Weapons:Thick Black long sword and his ifst and foot skilled in both

History:Hamkai Masia is a Son of a Uruk-Hai commander he trained Hamkai to be a Great warrior against the Humans elvs and Dwarfs like himself but one day
his father had to go to the black gate to defened it they succeed in the defense but his father was lost in battle

A couple years later his mother went out to go kill for meat and she never returned so Hamkai was in cgarge of him and His younger siblings

after years of traning he finnaly became a Uruk-Hai or Isengard ans is now a succesful Uruk-Hai while his siblings were killed by Elfs and Humans while he was at Isengard while they were traning to join him now he has sworn to slay Elvs and Humans

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Hamkai Masia
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