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 Arron, The Ghost of Rohan

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PostSubject: Arron, The Ghost of Rohan   Sat Feb 23, 2008 1:14 am

Arron/The Ghost of Rohan

Traits of the ghost:
Traits of Arron:


History of how the ghost came to be

Ledgend of Rohan has spoke of a ghost, wandering the lands of Middel Earth, in debt not only to the kings of the Earth, but the gods themselves.

The day came in which a boy, named Arron, such as his father was born. Cast from the lands of Rohan, was soon thought to be dead, but this, as any great ledgend was not the case. The boy was tooken in by a lonely Orc. At a younge age he was tought the values of combat, and the ways of the Orc.

A day came whene war broke onto the land this boy called home. During which, what this boy called his father, not only was killed, slaughtered in the very way this boy was ment have done to him. The creatures set there eyes on this very fine prize, the outsider of Rohan. This boy, now homeless, friendless, and an orphan yet again, drew his fathers blades, and pireced the flesh of the ones that stood in his way.

After killing the ones that destroyed the only thing he held dear to him, he was on a journy to the land of were he was banished from, the land of were not man live, but vermon, the land of Rohan.

The journy was not only a test of the boys courage, but he boys heart as well, thought filled his head... "Yes, the casted me away and proclaimed me as worthless, but i am still one of them." then a second thought pierced the mind of the younge man. "They casted you away and thought you dead, then word of you spred along the world of Middle Earth, the boy that survived!"

The birth of a new man was unlessed, the birth of a ghost, known only by the ledgends of death he brought with him.

Age: Un-known/appears that of 16
Hgiht: Average hight of Rohan
wieght: 100 lbs, due to the lack of nuritment

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Arron, The Ghost of Rohan
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