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 Zorke. Is Not The Dark Lord Anymore.

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PostSubject: Zorke. Is Not The Dark Lord Anymore.   Sat Feb 23, 2008 3:41 am

Zorke Has Been Banned By Myself.
He got killed yesetrday.
He did not accept.
He got killed today,
He did not accept.
Thus he also loses his Dark Lord title.
Draco Will be the Dark Lord once again.

He just does countless gomodding.
No 1. Galaxies stated that he was Afk, Zorke killed him while he was afk. Therefore Galaxies is not dead. So Galaxies when he comes back kills Zorke. Zorke does not accept.

No 2. Today I saw him in the forest. He moves to my side and I was not facing him. I then rp'd
- Shoots an arrow at you now -
And then continued the combo without him ripping.
He says that because I am not facing him and hes on my side.
That does not count.
Well, pal it does.

Your now banned.
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Zorke. Is Not The Dark Lord Anymore.
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