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 The rules of this rp.

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PostSubject: The rules of this rp.   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:07 am

In LoTR RP, There is No Magic.
If you dont like it then Get the Fuck Out,
Magic leads to too much power, and in several ways it's god modding.
There will be None.


Here are the rules about godmodding.
- If you get killed, you must add or you will be banned.
- You have to be 10 spaces on lower to attack someone, so basically you cant attack someone all the way from the other side of Fangorn.
- If you move to your side and you still dont face them, but rp shooting them, while you are not facing them. It still counts. You can only dodge a arrow or sword by rping it. Not just moving to there side.


Here are the rules about killing.
- Its 5 lines or over to kill.
- You dont just have to kill in the usual combo, be creative. Brake their neck or do something else which might make it easier for yourself and harder for them.
- If you get stabbed, there is only a few ways to stop it. Kick the person attacking you, Thus he pulls out the sword again or simply rip it out.
- If you get shot by an arrow, there is no other way apart from ripping it out.
- Death is only one hour, so dont be babies if you get killed.

OOC and IC

Here are the rules about OOC and IC.
- When you speak in a IC room such as Fangorn. If you are talking about real life, or talking to your friend whos an orc while your a elf. Make sure you use brackets while using OOC speak.
This is not that important but it makes things clearer for everyone.
- The main room is OOC so please dont go spamming about in there.
- You DO NOT have to state in your motto, whether you are afk. A simple
" I'm going afk. " Would be fine.
- You cannot kill people who are Afk.

Basic rules

Here are the basic rules.
- No swearing
- Respect other people.
- Make a character sheet. [Optional]
- Behave.

If you follow all these rules then I am sure the Lord of the Rings Role Play will be very enjoyable for yourself and other people.
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The rules of this rp.
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