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 The Disciple Of Black Magic (Name: Unknown)

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PostSubject: The Disciple Of Black Magic (Name: Unknown)   Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:59 am

[Habbo Name: Paralyses]
[Rp Name: Unknown, [Known as Disciple of black magics]
[Race: Unknown]
[Age Unknown]
[Birthplace: Unknown, Found in mordor in the forests]
[Weapons: Bladed staff, Black Magics]

[Character Appearance]

[Character Biography]
As a young boy [Unknown] was brought up in a hut on the outer rims of mordor, as [Unknown] grew up watching the troops of mordor enter the citys each day he got more curious. He decided to go down there and go attacked by mordor guards. but a gust of wind blew past the guards running at him and then he was gone.
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The Disciple Of Black Magic (Name: Unknown)
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