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 Worik ; The Elite Uruk

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PostSubject: Worik ; The Elite Uruk   Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:06 am

Name - Worik

Age - No more than ten years, although he is a man, being born as a fully grown Uruk-Hai from the mud pits.

Race - Uruk-Hai

Rank - Leader of the White Hand, the army of the White Wizard.

Inventory -
; A large cleaver sword that can be slung on his back.
; A tower shield that bears the marking of the white hand, also slung on his back.
; An exquisite elven bow, taken from a slain enemy. He found that the arrow shot shot farther and faster than his crossbow, so he swapped out. This can also be attached to his back with a few straps.
; A quiver slung on his hip with several black arrows, tipped with the some sort of mysterious dark metal. This quiver can be fastened closed, so as to prevent someone from taking one of his arrows mid-combat.
; A small satchel, attached 'round his thigh, that contains three different vials, each with a different toxin.

Physcial Appearance - Worik bears extremely dark blue skin and black hair, sitting in a messy tuft under his helmet. The aforementioned helmet covers his head and only part of his face, so as to leave holes in order for him to see out of. The white mask he wears covers the rest of his face, stopping at the mouth, allowing him to speak. His attire is that of an Uruk general, as he bears eerily black, thin plate armor that covers his entire body, allowing him a load of protection, but still letting him move quite freely. This armor includes the helmet, plate body that bears thw White Hand marking on the chest, greaves, and boots.

Personality - Worik seeks one thing in this world, that thing being the destruction of all beings not allied to the Dark Lord. He achieves this goal by destroying, devouring, devastating, dominating, and dueling any opponent he comes across. The only emotion he is able to show, except to his comrades, is hate, with a smidge of maniacal humor thrown in at times. This orc-man hybrid prides himself on delivering hideously sickeningly deaths to whomever is his enemy at the time. This has brought him respect from the higher-ups, allowing him to achieve the position he is now in.

Background - Not much has happened in Worik's life. Upon being awoken from the mud pits, he slayed several of the Orcs that were there to birth him. Ever since, he has lived for the fight, killing several elves and humans already. He has taken a liking to the Wargs, taming several of them and even crafting his own harness. All in all, there isn't much to speak of in the Uruk's past, except the trail of destruction he leaves wherever he walks.
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Worik ; The Elite Uruk
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