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 Barogoth (Harid) (Rouge)

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PostSubject: Barogoth (Harid) (Rouge)   Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:59 pm

Race: Harad, (Rouge)
Name: Barogoth
What Barogoth Looks Like:

Wepon List:
-Large Spiked Blade
-Large Steel Pole (Spiked)
-Top Less (Body Is Scared)
-Torn Bottom Robe (Red with gold markings.)
-Large Boots (Red Spiked)
-Vembraces (Red Spiked)
-Various Poison Dagger's (Hilted)
-Chains (Hang From Body)
-Harad Horn (Red Spiked)
-Large Iron Sheild (Painted with a red fang like figure)

Story: Barogoth is a sick twisted barbarian witch is one of the Harad race. He works along side with a large elephant witch is spiked and painted with a red dust like substace. He started killing at the age 14 after slaying his first rohan. He has ever since had a lust for man flesh.
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Barogoth (Harid) (Rouge)
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