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 Species Of Isengard

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PostSubject: Species Of Isengard   Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:59 am

The species of Isengard you can be are:

Urak-Hai ; Urak-Hai are very skilled with the sword. Heavily armoured and strong the Urak-Hai dont take much damage from a mere arrow shot at them.

Isengard Archer ; The name says it all. Lightly armoured and fast the Isengard archers are fast and have accuracy beyond most.

Wildmen ; Wildmen the humans which never really had a great life. Offered by a lot of money from The Dark Wizard of Isengard the Wildmen helped in destroying Rohan. They are very skilled with the axe.

On this topic you can post your brand
Your name
And meet some friends from the same race as you.
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Species Of Isengard
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