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 - Aerich Elasser of Rohan -

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PostSubject: - Aerich Elasser of Rohan -   Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:10 am

Name: Aerich Elasser

Age: 18 years

Race - Rank: Human - Rohan Rider/Knight


Two Curved Dark Daggers which he wields reversed, as well as two katanas that are usually slung over his back. Aerich also carries a traditional Rohan Rider bow with him which he feeds arrows from his leather quiver.

History: Aerich was born in the village of Rohan to his father Aragorn. Because of his heritage Aerich always wanted to fulfill his place of becoming a knight, and trained accordingly. As a young boy Aerich became a worthy adversary to anyone with his bow. He aced several archery competitions and was a top class archer by the time the young man reached adolescence. Aerich was also trained in fencing, as well as dueling for his competitions that he took place in to gain respect as a knight. At 18 Aerich is a world class combatant in all areas, he still, however wishes to become the best that breathes, and well on his way as a Rohan Rider, he will do just that.
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- Aerich Elasser of Rohan -
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